About Us


We are an experienced global supplier of medicaland non-surgical gloves at remarkable prices. Sudarat Surgical Gloves Co., LTD is the foundation of our pride. We have expanded our business with a big infrastructure todeal with clients in different countries. We supply qualitative latex, Sudarat Surgical Gloves Co., LTD at discounts. Keep your health safe when you work at companies. Your hands should not have germs, bacteria and harmfulelements. We have the stock of new brand gloves ranging from synthetic nitrile latex gloves to disposable industrial gloves.Check ourproducts by categories toselect the bestuser-friendly gloves. Sudarat Surgical Gloves Co., LTD is the well- known exporter with its head office in 161 Village No. 11, Singkhok Subdistrict, Kaset Wisai District, Roi Et 45150 , Thailand. Our vision is to provide the qualitativehands-specific gloves atawesome discounts. Our managementis powerful. We have a team ofexperts to do the product analysis, evaluation and proper testing before delivering the pairs of gloves. Contact us for solution to have the world class gloves.